Lazer Gate is the largest Family Entertainment Center in the South Coast area!  Our main attraction is our out of this world live action Laser Tag, held in the largest two level arena around!

We also have the largest indoor bounce park in the area with bouncers to accommodate plenty of energetic kids!

Our indoor 18 hole blacklight mini golf course offers year round enjoyment for all ages and skill levels.

Our SpinZone bumper cars are not your average bumper cars!  With a shape like a bumper boat each car has a set of targets that, when bumped, sends the car into a several second SPIN! Also, the cars can take on a life of their own as CHAOS MODE takes over and the CAR does the driving!  If you are averse to too much spinning, please let our staff know as we can remove that feature for your ride.

And of course we have one of the largest arcades around with plenty of games, from the standbys like Skee Ball and Pinball, to newer games like Jurassic Park and plenty more!

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