Lazer Gate’s laser tag arena and laser tag system offer an experience that you cannot duplicate anywhere else in Southeastern New England! Players from 6 to 86 have experienced laser tag like it is meant to be played: in an interactive multi level arena, with next generation vests, pulse pounding music, and plenty of hiding spots to unleash your InfraRed fury from. All we need now is YOU!

If you’ve never played laser tag, it’s a fun, safe, active entertainment option for players of just about any age. Our lightweight vests will fit anyone that is at least 42 inches tall, guests that are too young to wear the vest may have to have an adult wear the vest for them. If you haven’t played laser tag at Lazer Gate, you haven’t experienced laser tag the way it was meant to be played. Come and experience the difference!

Each game is a 20 minute session, the first 5 minutes of which include a briefing on how to use the equipment, how to play laser tag, and how to take advantage of the arena features, some of which will shoot back! Of course, the Game Marshal will also cover the rules, explaining what not to do: such as running, unsportsmanlike conduct, climbing on any arena features, and of course, no physical contact is allowed.

After the briefing players will “Suit up” with a laser tag vest and phaser. One of the great features of our laser tag is that any vest can be programmed to any one of EIGHT colors on the fly, so we can keep teams balanced for the best game possible. Want to team up with your friends? Ask the Game Marshal to put you on the same team without having to change vests or search for a team color that you all can play on. Want to destroy your friends and brag about how good your laser game is? Ask the Game Marshal to change your vest color so you can play against your friends. Game Marshals do reserve the right to balance teams in number and skill so that everyone has the best experience possible.

Once everyone is ready to go, the Arena will let everyone know to prepare to play with a countdown to the start of the game. Take this precious time to find a good place to begin your ascent to first place. Once the game begins, the dogs of virtual laser war will be unleashed in the form of flashing vests and green laser beams slicing through the fog and splashing harmlessly on the vest of your soon to be vanquished opponent. You can smile in satisfaction as your vest acknowledges your expert marksmanship with a hit confirmation noise, and allow yourself a guilty grin at your opponents dismay as their vest flashes and vibrates to let them know they have been tagged. No time to revel in your first tag, as all around you the pulse pounding music barely covers the sounds of enemies approaching. You level your phaser and take aim as they come into range. Your finger clicks on the trigger, once, twice, three times, as you “light them up” and add to your soaring point score. Winding your way through the maze you find your first Base,
pulsing with points that it is just begging you to take. You oblige, snapping off a laser beam that deactivates the base and rockets your score into the stratosphere! But the arena announces your achievement, letting opponents know that there is someone near that base. They are coming. Fight or flight kicks in. Taking up a defensive spot you take down three players before the fourth gets off a lucky tag that deactivates you for 8 seconds. Time to move and find a safe place to reactivate. You lost points when your opponent tagged you so it’s time to get them back. And on it goes.

When the time comes, the arena lets players know when the game time is getting close to the end. Time left for a last minute frenzy of tagging, an epic display of flashing laser beams and deactivation noises. When the game ends, you check your phaser’s screen for your rank in the game, and a quick reminder of the vest name so you can claim your scorecard. Enjoy your time in the blacklit sun, the next game is only 20 minutes away, time to prove yourself again.

I’ve played at other laser tag arenas, how is Lazer Gate different?

First off, the Lazer Gate arena is one of the largest arenas around. This is important because the huge multi-level arena allows plenty room to move around safely, and doesn’t confine players to small simple playfields with limited play options.

Lazer Gate arena map courtesy of Rooster!

Next, our laser tag vests and phasers are designed to allow players to move easily and comfortably without sacrificing the ability to tag, and be tagged from any direction. The laser tag vest has sensors on each flashing area: shoulders, front, back and on the phaser. The phaser uses a harmless InfraRed beam to do the tagging, similar to a TV remote. The green lasers just point the way, providing an easy way to see where you are targeting. At the same time the lasers aren’t strong enough to require special eyewear, so while the green beams are bright in the black lit arena, they aren’t strong enough to do damage to anything except your opponent’s score.

Lazer Gate’s arena is also interactive with Bases that you can gain points from, Targets that can do many different things, such as grant powerups or give points, pick up pads which allow you to choose your powerup, and mines which allow the arena to tag you back, costing you points and deactivating you while you’re left to ponder your lot in laser life. No other location even comes close to matching our game play, two level arena, game features and easy to wear vests.

Since each game is open to any and all players, our laser tag system also features a handicapping system which can help level the playfield between new players and more experienced players.

Detailed scorecards also provide a breakdown of the action, giving you stats to examine, and see where you can improve your game. Or just brag. We won’t judge.

Even if you’re just the designated driver for a car full of kids, why resign yourself to sitting on the sidelines while the kids have all the fun? Using our Laser Turret Cannon you can tag players while standing in the comfort of the lobby. Make their vests scream in pain as you tag them over, and over, and once more just for good measure. (Yes, the vest actually does scream OW! OW! each time it is tagged by the Laser Turret Cannon)

So what am I waiting for?

Good question. Here are some directions, ,hours, prices, a list of our specials, and some information about our party packages for a party that the kids will be talking about for weeks to come.

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