[Laser Gate vest]Lazer Gate will be open as follows for February Vacation Week 2/16-2/23

Sunday 2/16 11am-10pm
Monday 2/17 12pm-10pm
Tuesday 2/18 12pm-10pm
Wednesday 2/19 12pm-10pm
Thursday 2/20 12pm-10pm
Friday 2/21 12pm-Midnight (Midnight Madness is not held on school vacation weeks, if space allows we MAY run some Madness passes.  Check back around 5pm on Friday)
Saturday 2/22 11am-Midnight
Sunday 2/23 11am-9pm

Vacation Specials

4 games for $18 per player (either 4 games of laser tag or 3 games of laser tag and 1 round of blacklight mini golf) also available with 40 arcade tokens for $25 per player

For those planning ahead

Reservations are available, please call for times, 508-730-1230.  Games run every 20 minutes.  Multigame packages are booked as 20 minutes play, 20 minute break, 20 minutes play, etc.

2 Games will take 1 hour, 3 games will take  1 hour 40 minutes, 4 will take games 2 hours 20 minutes – from start to finish.

If you want to reserve a time, be sure that everyone will be present at LEAST 15 minutes before game time.  As this week is typically busy and can sell out during afternoons, any reservation that has not arrived within 10 minutes of game time will be removed from the game (we will try to reschedule if possible, but nothing is guaranteed).  Please let us know if you have any coupons as it will make the checkout much faster.  If you are not 100% sure of the number of players, round up to be safe.  We are NOT locking you in for the number that you reserve, but the game may sell out after you reserve, meaning any last minute additions may NOT be able to play in the same game.  If you will be playing a round of blacklight mini golf, it will be scheduled at the end of the laser tag matches.

Please provide an email address if you would like a confirmation of your games.  This does not prevent you from being removed from the game if you miss the cutoff.


Lazer Gate will be open additional hours during Christmas break.  

  • December 23 – Noon – 10pm
  • December 24 – 10am-4pm – Members Play FREE ALL DAY
  • December 25 – Closed
  • December 26 – Noon – 10pm
  • December 27 – Noon – Midnight
  • December 28 – 11am – Midnight
  • December 29 – 11am – 10pm
  • December 30 – Noon – 10pm
  • December 31 – Noon – 10pm
  • January 1 – Noon – 10pm

Shop all night and then come to Lazer Gate to play all day!  $25 per player from Noon till Midnight (first come first served) Add 40 tokens per player for just $7 more!

Lazer Gate will be open Friday November 29 at Noon.  Vacation specials 4 games for $18 will also be active for the day.  Midnight Madness WILL be held as usual #fridaynightlasers

Also, Lazer Gate will have a Black Friday deal!.  Check back tomorrow for details on something Lasertastic! 

Lazer Gate’s Arcade Night – Monday October 4 

Play all night laser tag and arcade games (non prize/ticket games) from 3-9pm for $20 per player!

As the games will be on Freeplay, ALL entrants will have to pay for at least the $5.00 Freeplay charge.  This means that someone wanting to play by the game, as opposed to the Arcade Night deal, will have $5 additional but will also be able to play as many arcade games as they want (non prize/ticket games).

Game styles may vary from the usual Solo/Team games.  This is a good night to try out some new formats, Vampires, Base Defense, Infection and more!

Lazer Gate will also be open for Columbus Day – October 14 from Noon till 9pm.  



Discounts for birthday parties at Lazer Gate

Lazer Gate is announcing discounts for birthday party packages.

First off we would like to offer a discount to those who serve, Military, Police, Fire Dept., EMTs, EMS, and other first responders will be eligible for a 10% discount on the base party price. Proof of eligibility IS required. Thank you, for your service, for your endless overnights, for putting yourself in places that most of us would never dream of. Thank you.

Also we would like to welcome previous guests back for another party. Any customer who has held a birthday party at Lazer Gate in the past (as far as we can validate, which is approx. 2014), will be given a 10% discount on the base party price.

Check our party packages

[Laser Tag]

Laser Tag and Arcade tokens! A great combination just got better!

Play laser tag and play arcade games with our Tag and Token discount bundle. Available for two, three or four game packages. Or for the Iron Men/Women in the group, we also have a package available for All Day Passes.

Pricing follows our weekday/weekend pricing for laser tag games.

Also available with a round of Blacklight Mini Golf, so you can tag, play arcade games AND tee off on our Blacklight Mini Golf course!

From Monday June 24th through Friday July 5th, bring your report card with good grades to Lazer Gate to earn some rewards for your hard work.  Earn Free games, 2 for 1 passes, and/or redemption tickets for prizes at our redemption counter.  Limit 3 rewards per report card. End of year/4th quarter/last term report cards only.

College students welcome to participate as well. 

How does it work? Have a final grade of an A+ or and A – 1 free game

A- or B+ – one 2 for 1 pass (buy one get one free)

B or B- – 20 redemption tickets.

Don’t have letter grades? We will assign the equivalent the appropriate reward. 

You worked hard this school year.  Congratulations!




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