[Thanksgiving Turkey]Lazer Gate will be open additional hours this Thanksgiving week for all of your laser needs.  Saturday marks the return of Pie Night! See below for details.

Sunday 11am-9pm
Monday 3pm-9pm Arcade Night
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Noon-7pm
Thursday Closed for Thanksgiving
Friday Noon-Midnight –Midnight Madness will be held
Saturday 11am-11pm Pie Night – See below for details
Thanksgiving Week Hours

Playing laser tag is a great way to stay active and work off that extra helping of Thanksgiving stuffing, or that second slice of pie. Mmmm……. apple pie…..

Special Prices for Friday, November 26

Games Price Add Tokens Price with Tokens
1 Game $7.50 +10 tokens $9.50
2 Games $13.00 +20 tokens $17.00
3 Games $17.00 +30 tokens $23.00
4 Games $20.00 +40 tokens $28.00
All Day Pass (limited availability) $25.00 +40 tokens $33.00
Midnight Madness (8pm-Midnight) $17.00    

Pie Night – Saturday November 27th

On Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, we will be reaching back into hallowed antiquity to bring back the practice of giving a Free Game for a slice of “family friendly” HOMEMADE pie. Yes, it must be homemade pie. We will not accept any store bought pie. We shall judge the authenticity of the pie. If it’s store bought, we will know and a free game shall NOT be granted. Homemade. Pie. ’nuff said.

[Pie Night at Lazer Gate]