This game is based on the Standard Solo game except that all of the bases act as one.  When a player deactivates a base, all of the other bases will be deactivated and any players near the bases will be deactivated.

Pick Up Pads – laser tag power ups

[Pick Up Pad] Lazer Gate’s new Pick Up Pads are located on the lower level of the arena.  They can be used only when the Pad is activated, which is when the top and bottom panels flash on.    The pads are set to go on randomly during the game, so if they are not showing rainbow colors on the top and bottom, then they are idle. 



To use the pad you need to walk under it and, using your trigger hand so your sensor hand stays on the sensor, scroll through the power ups and choose one to use.  You are exposed to enemy tags while using the Pick Up Pad, and if you get tagged it will lock you out (see image to the left) of the pad for several seconds.  If you take your hand off the phaser sensor to choose the power up, you will get the “two hand” warning from the phaser and it will lock you out.

There is a limit to Power Ups, so you could go to a Pick Up Pad later in the game and not find the power up you were looking for. 

Ask your game marshal as Pick Up Pads are not active in some game formats, such as most Solo games, or may serve a different purpose. 

Pick Up Pad
Activated pick up pad

Pick Up Pad
Activated pick up pad, bottom pad

[Laser Tag Mine]

 Laser Tag Mines are devices placed in common “camping” spots within the Lazer Gate arena.  The Mines activate randomly, tagging any player within its range.  Mines will flash red briefly and beep before activating. When a mine is actively firing it will strobe white and have a continuous beep.  If you are unlucky enough to be tagged by a mine you will be deactivated for about 15 seconds and you will lose points. 

Pro Tip:  The mine will give you a chance to own it briefly. It will flash green which is the only time it can be programmed. Tag the mine while it is green and you will gain its allegiance, temporarily. When you have programmed the mine, the next time it activates it will give you points for any players it tags!  Best not to worry about this unless the game is full enough that there are players going by constantly. 

[Laser Tag Mine]

[Laser Tag Targets] Targets in the laser tag arena are small round devices that will flash when active.  If you tag them when they are active they will grant points based on the color. Targets can also be used in some game formats as recharges, power ups, or to even show where opponents are in games like Midnight Madness! Check with the Game Marshal for the specifics on your game.

[Red Target]

Points are awarded based on the color of the target

White500 Points
Pink or Purple350 Points
Yellow or Cyan250 Points
Red, Blue or Green100 Points
Hit Values

Targets in Power Up format

This format is used only in certain formats, typically Team formats. Ask the Game Marshal what format is being used.

Power UpTarget ColorDescriptionDuration
Hyper ModeRedShot rate is increased, deactivation and stun times are lowered30 seconds
Team DestroyerBlueHitting an opposing player deactivates the entire team8 seconds
ShieldsGreenAdds two shieldsTill used
InvincibilityWhitePlayer can’t be tagged15 seconds
Score MultiplierYellowDoubles points awarded (does not double base points)30 seconds
StealthPurpleTurns off all vest lights, except phasor screen.30 seconds
RetaliationCyanAfter being tagged the phaser will automatically return fire30 seconds
Power Ups

There are three bases in the Lazer Gate laser tag arena.  Each base is located in one of the main play areas, the Maze, The Mountain, and the Temple. In most game formats the bases are open to tag by any player and grant 2001 points when ‘destroyed’.  So, if you are able to get all three bases, you will gain over 6000 points!  One tag is all that it takes to destroy a base. The edges of the base are where the sensors are, aim for the sides.  Once a base as been destroyed, it will be about 30 seconds until it activates again. 

Beware! In some game formats, the base will return fire.