Here’s the TLDR version up front: Our last day in this location is Saturday March 26th. We do recommend a reservation to make sure you get the game times that you want, but it is not required.  On Friday March 25th we will be running our last Midnight Madness which includes “The Finale”, Jason’s final visit to Lazer Gate.  Parental discretion is advised.

Greetings True Believers!

After March 26 we will be packing up and, hopefully, relocating.  We have no definite new location as of yet.

While it is our intention to stay in this area we may be moving out of Fall River. Once we have something definite, we will post the new info.

If we are able to relocate it will most likely be a few months before we are able to reopen due to construction so please keep an eye open for an announcement when we are ready.  

Due to the cost of, well everything in these……. unprecedented times (can’t wait to get back to precedented times again) we MAY be setting up a GOFUNDME to help get us over the finish line. We still have to work out the specifics if that does happen as we’d like to include something like a lifetime membership (free games every X days/weeks/months, arcade credits…. special events? Suggestions are always welcome)

We all thank you for all of the kind words and thoughts and location suggestions! Hopefully there will still be plenty of pew pew pew to do in 2022!


This Friday night @Lazer Gate, Jason will return One.More.Time during Midnight Madness!

Friday March 25 – 8pm- Midnight

Tickets will be on sale starting at 7:30pm.  This event is typically popular so expect a line and come early so you don’t miss out.  The slayings begin promptly at 8pm. 

Parental discretion is advised as this event may frighten small children, large children, teens, zoomers, young adults, adults, older adults and anyone who has ever been a camp counselor at a creepy lakeside camp.

Midnight Madness tickets are $19 per player to play from 8pm-Midnight though you can purchase individual or smaller game packages to experience The Finale.

[Thanksgiving Turkey]Lazer Gate will be open additional hours this Thanksgiving week for all of your laser needs.  Saturday marks the return of Pie Night! See below for details.

Sunday 11am-9pm
Monday 3pm-9pm Arcade Night
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Noon-7pm
Thursday Closed for Thanksgiving
Friday Noon-Midnight –Midnight Madness will be held
Saturday 11am-11pm Pie Night – See below for details
Thanksgiving Week Hours

Playing laser tag is a great way to stay active and work off that extra helping of Thanksgiving stuffing, or that second slice of pie. Mmmm……. apple pie…..

Special Prices for Friday, November 26

Games Price Add Tokens Price with Tokens
1 Game $7.50 +10 tokens $9.50
2 Games $13.00 +20 tokens $17.00
3 Games $17.00 +30 tokens $23.00
4 Games $20.00 +40 tokens $28.00
All Day Pass (limited availability) $25.00 +40 tokens $33.00
Midnight Madness (8pm-Midnight) $17.00    

Pie Night – Saturday November 27th

On Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, we will be reaching back into hallowed antiquity to bring back the practice of giving a Free Game for a slice of “family friendly” HOMEMADE pie. Yes, it must be homemade pie. We will not accept any store bought pie. We shall judge the authenticity of the pie. If it’s store bought, we will know and a free game shall NOT be granted. Homemade. Pie. ’nuff said.

[Pie Night at Lazer Gate]

[Jason Returns to Lazer Gate]

Jason will be making his return to Lazer Gate for the Halloween season on Friday October 15 and 29.  Somewhere in the Lazer Gate arena during Midnight Madness, you will find the immortal Jason. Or perhaps he will find you. 

Tickets for Midnight Madness are available at 7:30pm on the day of the event.  $19 per player, or $17 for Gold/Birthday Members.

This is not a night to be a laser tag……….. camper. (please don’t unfollow us…)

Be aware: This event may be too intense for some small children and some adults. Parental discretion is advised!

Jason will not be in every game during Midnight Madness (even monsters need a break). You MAY see Jason enjoying some arcade games during the night.  Feel free to ask for a picture.  Please be aware that an adverse reaction may occur when asking Jason to take a picture.

[Jason remembers to sanitize]
Originally the Lazer Gate building was known as Richard Borden Mill No. 2.  Constructed in 1889 out of Fall River granite,  it was part of the Borden Mill complex which consisted of a total of 12 structures, most of which are no longer standing. Borden Mill No 1, which stood along Rodman St., was demolished after a fire claimed most of the building. Link here to Youtube video of the news report. At the time of the fire Mill No 1 was used as an Arlan’s Department store, a New Bedford based chain.
The Borden Mills were cotton mills, with some of the original sewing machines still in storage up through the early 2000s.   In the images below you can see the mill complex as it was in the 1960s, after I-95 was built.  If you look at the insurance image, the color image, you will see that the mills originally bordered the Quequechan River before it was diverted and buried for I-95’s construction. 
Images that show the other side of Rodman St, where Stop & Shop is currently located, show some of the multi family homes that were originally housing for the mill employees. 
More details will be added when available.


Image 1 of 5

Associated Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Companies. Richard Borden Mills Corp., Fall River, Mass. [insurance map]. Boston, Mass., 1947. Web. 06 Jul 2021. <>.

With the ending of the capacity limits in Massachusetts, Lazer Gate will be returning to normal as much as we can. Here is what to expect on the 29th when the limits are removed.

  • Laser Tag games will return to full capacity.  While we are confident that the games can be played safely at full capacity we will monitor the situation in case there is a need to modify our approach.
  • Midnight Madness and All Day Passes will return! Midnight Madness will return next Friday as Friday May 28th will still be under the restrictions.  All Day Passes will resume on Saturday May 29th.
  • Laser tag games will  return to full length.  Pricing will be updated to reflect the full length games. 
  • Birthday parties will be able to invite more guests as our room capacity will return to full capacity.  We will maintain physical distancing as much as possible in the party room which may result in continuing to ask parents and other guests to wait in the arcade or cycle through for pizza and cake times. 
  • Face coverings will be optional. As the guidance for face coverings is….. complicated at best, we will not require them as we have no desire to question anyone about their vaccination status.  We will require all guests to be respectful of others and maintain physical distancing as much as possible.  
  • We will continue to use plexiglass shields at our laser tag desk, scorecard counter, snackbar and redemption counters.  Guests will also continue to be encouraged to wash/sanitize their hands after laser tag/mini golf.  
  • The arcade will continue to be physically distanced, both for the games and seating. 
  • Reservations will continue to be taken over the phone. The need will lessen for smaller groups, but we will gladly take them for any size group if you would like to ensure a game time.  We will not reserve Midnight Madness or All Day Passes. Those remain first come first served. 

We are excited to return to as much normalcy as we can!  We will of course monitor all parts of our operation and may modify procedures and policies if needed for safety.  We look forward to seeing you and for plenty of pew pew pews!


Please do not visit Lazer Gate if:

  • You have symptoms related to COVID19 such as but not limited to: fever, new loss of taste or smell, chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting or diarrhea
  • Have COVID19
  • Have been around someone diagnosed with COVID19 in the past 14 days

Masks are now optional.  

Sanitizing stations are available throughout Lazer Gate.  Sanitizing after laser tag, mini golf and arcade play is recommended. Our arcade games are a part of our enhanced cleaning schedule, but we’re not exactly following everyone around as they play.  That would be weird. 

Arcade games that are next to each other for two player mode, or an arcade game with two stations should NOT be used unless both players are from the same group.  Please observe signage throughout the arcade.

Please observe physical distancing, currently 6 feet. Please observe physical distancing signs at cashier stations.

When washing your hands be sure to lather for 20 seconds per CDC guidance on handwashing to remove COVID19 effectively.

Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or really any part of your face when possible. Sanitize or wash your hands afterwards if you do have to touch your face.  


Please Read: How it will work

There have been some changes to how we operate, due to the guidelines for reopening in the COVID world. These changes may be amended as the guidelines we have to follow are always subject to change.

Call ahead not required

It is not required to schedule ahead. As always if you are coming with a group, 5 or more, we would recommend calling on the day that you are visiting. Due to our lowered capacity, we cannot guarantee rescheduling missed games. Plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to game time.

Game Times/Length

Game times have been trimmed down to 10 minutes from 15 minutes. This will allow us to run games on a reasonable schedule and also wipe down the vests and phasors as they are used.  As we are deeply invested in keeping all of our guests safe in the COVID world this is the best solution to balance gameplay with safety. 


Due to so many reasons our pricing has changed. It will work like this: 1st game $6.50, 2nd game $6.50, 3rd or more games $5.00 per game. This lowers the 1 and 2 game packages, and raises the 3 or higher. Mini Golf will follow the same pricing for single or multiple (laser tag and mini golf) packages. The emphasis, due to capacity limits, is on the one and two game package. If the restrictions are relaxed as we move forward we will revisit the price and schedule.

No Midnight Madness or All Day Passes

Due to capacity limits we are going to hold off on these two programs for now. They are not gone, just sidelined due to the reopening restrictions.

No hot food

For now we not be offering our hot foods like chicken nuggets, tenders, etc. Our snackbar will run with packaged snacks or soft drinks. This is also not a permanent change and will be revisited as reopening guidelines move forward.

We are excited to be back and look forward to much more, masked and physically distanced, pew pew pew!

[Standard Solo] Standard Solo

Objective:  Standard Solo is the basic laser tag game available at Lazer Gate. In this format all players can be tagged by all other players.  The objective is simple, tag and score more points than the other players. 

Targets Targets are enabled and usually set to points only.  
[Lazer Gate Base]Bases:
 Bases are usually enabled and set to allow each player to tag each base once.  
[Lazer Gate Pick Up Pads]Pick Up Pads:  Pick Up Pads are typically not enabled in this format.


Standard Team

Objective: Standard Team is the default team format at Lazer Gate.  It’s features are similar to Standard Solo but allows for up to 8 different teams to compete for the top spot!  Team players cannot tag their teammates (this option is available in more competitive game formats such as Standard Team Pro and Tournament Mode/
[Lazer Gate Targets used in Team Game]Targets: Targets are usually set for points, but could also be set for Power Ups depending on the situation.  Ask the Game Marshall if interested.  
[Lazer Gate Base used in Team Game]Bases:
Bases are enabled so that each player can tag each base once. Player team color/Base color does not matter in this format. 
[Lazer Gate Pick Up Pads used in Team Game]Pick Up Pads:Pick Up Pads are usually set for Power Ups.  They can be disabled for better game play at the Game Marshall’s discretion. If that happens then Targets will be set for Power Ups.