Standard Team

Objective: Standard Team is the default team format at Lazer Gate.   It is similar in features to Standard Solo but allows for up to 8 different teams to compete for the top spot!  Team players cannot tag their teammates (this option is available in more competitive game formats such as Standard Team Pro and 
[Lazer Gate Targets]Targets:  Targets are usually set for points, but could also be set for Power Ups.  Ask the Game Marshall if interested.  
[Lazer Gate Base]Bases:
Bases are enabled so that each player can tag each base once.. Player team color/Base color does not matter in this format. 
[Lazer Gate Pick Up Pads]Pick Up Pads: Pick Up Pads are usually set for Power Ups.  They can be disabled for better game play at the Game Marshall’s discretion. Targets will bet set for Power Ups in this case.  


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