New to the Extreme Mission Party package: tokens are now included for your party players! Our top of the line party package, the Extreme Mission, now includes 2 games of laser tag, 1 round of blacklight mini golf and 10 tokens for each player! (Extreme Mission package covers the first 8 players for $175 and $21 for each additional player)

This is ONLY for the Extreme Mission. Our other packages do not include tokens. All of our packages do have them available at a discount, $2.00 for 10 tokens.

This will include any eligible weekday Extreme Mission bookings that get the weekday discount.

Check here for party details and availability

[Lazer Gator]

Lazer Gate will be closed on Mondays, with the exception of holidays and school vacation weeks.  See calendars for the exceptions.

Lazer Gate is available for private bookings on Mondays.  Great for team building activities, or just a large group of friends that want to play a few games together.  Restrictions apply to the bookings.  Call for details -508-730-1230.

Members play for free on Christmas Eve!

Players with a Silver or Gold Membership, code name only cards do not count as memberships,  can play laser tag from 10am-4pm for FREE!

Games will be run as needed throughout the day.  Lazer Gate will be closing at 4pm to ensure that everyone is in bed when St. Nick makes his rounds. 

Play some different formats if time allows, Elimination games, Base Defense, Midnight Madness (the Lights Out game format, not to be confused with the Friday Night special of the same name), Infection, Vampires and more!

Come in for some pre-Christmas fun!

Just for Members: Saturday Night Madness 

Just like Friday night’s Midnight Madness, Members (Silver or Gold Memberships) will be able to play from 8-Midnight on Saturdays for $17 per player. Availability is limited and does not include the 11:40 game (40 minute game).  Due to the 40 minute game this may require the last games be consecutive depending on your start time. At this time there is no restriction on buying the tickets, meaning you don’t have to do so at 7:30 as on Friday.  We will validate memberships at the time of purchase. Bring your Membership card if possible.  

A codename card alone is not a membership.  If you purchased the $5.00 code name card, this offer does not apply.  Membership is the Silver ($15) and Gold ($25/Birthday Party) packages only. 

[Lazer Gate Gift Certificates]

Click above to go to our webstore to pick up some Lazer Gate Gift Certificates for the holidays. Gift certificates can be done by the game, or by dollar amounts.  You choose, you print, you are the hero this holiday season!

[Midnight Madness]LIGHTS OUT!

Not to be confused with the Friday night special of the same name.

Midnight Madness games are played with the vest and phaser lights off. Phaser screens are active in these games. Otherwise this game is the same as Standard Solo. 

Color ranked solo is a variant of the Solo game. Every time a player changes rank in the game, their vest and phaser will change color to reflect their position in the list. Red packs are the highest on the list with the cooler colors being lower, purple being the lowest. This game does not use Bases.

This game is based on the Standard Solo game except that all of the bases act as one.  When a player deactivates a base, all of the other bases will be deactivated and any players near the bases will be deactivated.

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