Standard Team

Objective: Standard Team is the default team format at Lazer Gate.  It’s features are similar to Standard Solo but allows for up to 8 different teams to compete for the top spot!  Team players cannot tag their teammates (this option is available in more competitive game formats such as Standard Team Pro and Tournament Mode/
[Lazer Gate Targets used in Team Game]Targets: Targets are usually set for points, but could also be set for Power Ups.  Ask the Game Marshall if interested.  
[Lazer Gate Base used in Team Game]Bases:
Bases are enabled so that each player can tag each base once. Player team color/Base color does not matter in this format. 
[Lazer Gate Pick Up Pads used in Team Game]Pick Up Pads:Pick Up Pads are usually set for Power Ups.  They can be disabled for better game play at the Game Marshall’s discretion. Targets will be set for Power Ups in this case.  

How are we helping to flatten the  COVID curve? 

We have developed an enhanced cleaning schedule to accommodate the challenges presented by COVID 19. This includes disinfecting of high touch areas such as, arcade games, tabletops, and door knobs, as well cleaning our laser tag vests between each use. 

We have added hand sanitizer stations in our arcade and at the entrance and exit of the laser tag arena and mini golf course. 

Our employees are being temperature checked before being allowed to start work.  They have also been trained to adhere to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts best practices guidelines for arcades and indoor recreation centers.  This includes wearing face coverings at work, washing their hands for at least 20 seconds per CDC guidance, following the cleaning and safety protocols and of course, not coming to work if they develop symptoms associated with COVID19. 

We have changed the way we do business to accommodate the new COVID world. We have decreased game times to allow for vest and phasor cleaning between each use.  We have cut the number of players allowed into the laser tag arena and mini golf course by half, following the current guidance of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

We have removed seating in the arcade to allow for proper physical distancing.  We have spaced out or turned off arcade games to allow proper distancing.  Two player games may still be used by two players as long as they are part of the same group.  Such games have appropriate signage attached.  

All of the hand sanitizers are 60% or higher alcohol content as required by the CDC guidelines.  

Face coverings are required by all staff and guests with the exception of while eating or drinking as long as physical distancing can be maintained. 

Employees will wear gloves as needed per the safety guidelines. 

Lazer Gate’s Arcade Night – Monday April 6

Play all night laser tag and arcade games (non prize/ticket games) from 3-9pm for $20 per player!

As the games will be on Freeplay, ALL entrants will have to pay for at least the $5.00 Freeplay charge.  This means that someone wanting to play by the game, as opposed to the Arcade Night deal, will have $5 additional but will also be able to play as many arcade games as they want (non prize/ticket games).

Game styles may vary from the usual Solo/Team games.  This is a good night to try out some new formats, Vampires, Base Defense, Infection and more!




[Laser Tag]

Laser Tag and Arcade tokens! A great combination just got better!

Play laser tag and play arcade games with our Tag and Token discount bundle. Available for one, two or three game packages.

Also available with a round of Blacklight Mini Golf, so you can tag, play arcade games AND tee off on our Blacklight Mini Golf course!

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