Lazer Gate’s April Vacation hours for 2021

Lazer Gate will be open for extra hours during school vacation this year.  We will NOT be open the entire week so please plan accordingly.  We are still under the State’s COVID19 limitations, so our capacity is still limited to 50%.  For this reason we recommend calling ahead for reservations during Vacation Week.  Of course walkins are welcome.

How to make a reservation:

Our laser tag games run on the hour, 20 minutes and 40 minutes past the hour.  Plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to game time.  Ex. Want to play at 2pm?  Everyone in your group should be here by 1;45pm.  Plan as well as you can for the start time.  Don’t think, “oh we can make it if we hurry”.  We CANNOT guarantee being able to reschedule games if you run late.  If you run into an issue and are able to call, do so and we will do our best to move your games.

Not sure how many players  you will end up bringing?  If you have 5 players, with a 6th that is a maybe, count the maybe.  It is easy to drop one from the reservation but once we are sold out, there’s nothing left.

No All Day Passes

Due to the capacity limits we have eliminated All Day Passes for the time being.  As those limits are unlikely to change before Vacation Week, we will be running our regular game packages.



Sunday Noon -9pm
Monday 1pm-9pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 1pm-9pm
Friday 1pm-Midnight
Saturday Noon-Midnight

Please do not visit Lazer Gate if:

  • You have symptoms related to COVID19 such as but not limited to: fever, new loss of taste or smell, chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting or diarrhea
  • Have COVID19
  • Have been around someone diagnosed with COVID19 in the past 14 days

Due to capacity restrictions, currently 50%, we will be restricting game size to 20 players.  If you are coming with a larger group, consider calling the day that you will be coming to ensure availability or make a reservation.  Games may NOT be able to be rescheduled so please be sure to give yourself plenty of time. You should always arrive at least 15 minutes before the game time.

Masks are required for entry per the State of Massachusetts Mask Mandate. Masks may be removed while eating or drinking while maintaining physical distancing as possible.

Sanitizing stations are available throughout Lazer Gate.  Sanitizing after laser tag, mini golf and arcade play is recommended. Our arcade games are a part of our enhanced cleaning schedule, but we’re not exactly following everyone around as they play.  That would be weird. 

Arcade games that are next to each other for two player mode, or an arcade game with two stations should NOT be used unless both players are from the same group.  Please observe signage throughout the arcade.

Please observe physical distancing, currently 6 feet. Please observe physical distancing signs at cashier stations.

When washing your hands be sure to lather for 20 seconds per CDC guidance on handwashing to remove COVID19 effectively.

Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or really any part of your face when possible. Sanitize or wash your hands afterwards if you do have to touch your face.  


Please Read: How it will work

There have been some changes to how we operate, due to the guidelines for reopening in the COVID world. These changes may be amended as the guidelines we have to follow are always subject to change.

Call ahead not required

It is not required to schedule ahead. As always if you are coming with a group, 5 or more, we would recommend calling on the day that you are visiting. Due to our lowered capacity, we cannot guarantee rescheduling missed games. Plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to game time.

Game Times/Length

Game times have been trimmed down to 10 minutes from 15 minutes. This will allow us to run games on a reasonable schedule and also wipe down the vests and phasors as they are used.  As we are deeply invested in keeping all of our guests safe in the COVID world this is the best solution to balance gameplay with safety. 


Due to so many reasons our pricing has changed. It will work like this: 1st game $6.50, 2nd game $6.50, 3rd or more games $5.00 per game. This lowers the 1 and 2 game packages, and raises the 3 or higher. Mini Golf will follow the same pricing for single or multiple (laser tag and mini golf) packages. The emphasis, due to capacity limits, is on the one and two game package. If the restrictions are relaxed as we move forward we will revisit the price and schedule.

No Midnight Madness or All Day Passes

Due to capacity limits we are going to hold off on these two programs for now. They are not gone, just sidelined due to the reopening restrictions.

No hot food

For now we not be offering our hot foods like chicken nuggets, tenders, etc. Our snackbar will run with packaged snacks or soft drinks. This is also not a permanent change and will be revisited as reopening guidelines move forward.

We are excited to be back and look forward to much more, masked and physically distanced, pew pew pew!

How are we helping to flatten the  COVID curve? 

We have developed an enhanced cleaning schedule to accommodate the challenges presented by COVID 19. This includes disinfecting of high touch areas such as, arcade games, tabletops, and door knobs, as well cleaning our laser tag vests between each use. 

We have added hand sanitizer stations in our arcade and at the entrance and exit of the laser tag arena and mini golf course. 

Our employees are being temperature checked before being allowed to start work.  They have also been trained to adhere to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts best practices guidelines for arcades and indoor recreation centers.  This includes wearing face coverings at work, washing their hands for at least 20 seconds per CDC guidance, following the cleaning and safety protocols and of course, not coming to work if they develop symptoms associated with COVID19. 

We have changed the way we do business to accommodate the new COVID world. We have decreased game times to allow for vest and phasor cleaning between each use.  We have cut the number of players allowed into the laser tag arena and mini golf course by half, following the current guidance of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

We have removed seating in the arcade to allow for proper physical distancing.  We have spaced out or turned off arcade games to allow proper distancing.  Two player games may still be used by two players as long as they are part of the same group.  Such games have appropriate signage attached.  

All of the hand sanitizers are 60% or higher alcohol content as required by the CDC guidelines.  

Face coverings are required by all staff and guests with the exception of while eating or drinking as long as physical distancing can be maintained. 

Employees will wear gloves as needed per the safety guidelines. 

Discounts for birthday parties at Lazer Gate

Lazer Gate is announcing discounts for birthday party packages.

First off we would like to offer a discount to those who serve, Military, Police, Fire Dept., EMTs, EMS, and other first responders will be eligible for a 10% discount on the base party price. Proof of eligibility IS required. Thank you, for your service, for your endless overnights, and for putting yourself in places that most of us would never dream of. From all of the staff at Lazer Gate, Thank you.

Also we would like to welcome previous guests back for another party. Any customer who has held a birthday party at Lazer Gate in the past (as far as we can validate, which is approx. 2014), will be given a 10% discount on the base party price. This is not something you can do with an online booking. Once you get the confirmation email, reply back with the fact that you have partied with Lazer Gate previously. Please include the phone number it would be listed under or address if either has changed. Also consider if one parent has a different last name that the booking may be under that name depending on who booked the party.

Check our party packages

From Monday June 24th through Friday July 5th, bring your report card with good grades to Lazer Gate to earn some rewards for your hard work.  Earn Free games, 2 for 1 passes, and/or redemption tickets for prizes at our redemption counter.  Limit 3 rewards per report card. End of year/4th quarter/last term report cards only.

College students welcome to participate as well. 

How does it work? Have a final grade of an A+ or and A – 1 free game

A- or B+ – one 2 for 1 pass (buy one get one free)

B or B- – 20 redemption tickets.

Don’t have letter grades? We will assign the equivalent the appropriate reward. 

You worked hard this school year.  Congratulations!




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