Lazer Gate will be open from Noon – 9pm on Monday January 17th for some extra green laser sessions. All Day Passes will be marked down to $25 per player.  #onemoretime 

1 Game $7.50

2 Games $13.00

3 Games $17.00

4 Games $20

All Day Pass $25.00


Linked below is a video of Dr. King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech.  A speech that should not be forgotten. 

[Jason Returns to Lazer Gate]

Jason will be making his return to Lazer Gate for the Halloween season on Friday October 15 and 29.  Somewhere in the Lazer Gate arena during Midnight Madness, you will find the immortal Jason. Or perhaps he will find you. 

Tickets for Midnight Madness are available at 7:30pm on the day of the event.  $19 per player, or $17 for Gold/Birthday Members.

This is not a night to be a laser tag……….. camper. (please don’t unfollow us…)

Be aware: This event may be too intense for some small children and some adults. Parental discretion is advised!

Jason will not be in every game during Midnight Madness (even monsters need a break). You MAY see Jason enjoying some arcade games during the night.  Feel free to ask for a picture.  Please be aware that an adverse reaction may occur when asking Jason to take a picture.

[Jason remembers to sanitize]

Lazer Gate’s Arcade Night is a special event combining our laser tag and arcade for one price.

$20 – unlimited laser tag and arcade games (*ticket/prize games not included) Rilix Virtual Reality Coaster is back and is included!

Rilix Coaster

Guests that are not purchasing Arcade Night MUST purchase the Free Play Pass for $5.00/player. The Free Play Pass allows use of the arcade during Arcade Night.

Individual games are still available for purchase, but the Free Play Pass is also required.

Arcade Night will not be held on holidays or school vacation weeks, such as Christmas vacation or Winter vacation in February.

[Standard Solo] Standard Solo

Objective:  Standard Solo is the basic laser tag game available at Lazer Gate. In this format all players can be tagged by all other players.  The objective is simple, tag and score more points than the other players. 

Targets Targets are enabled and usually set to points only.  
[Lazer Gate Base]Bases:
 Bases are usually enabled and set to allow each player to tag each base once.  
[Lazer Gate Pick Up Pads]Pick Up Pads:  Pick Up Pads are typically not enabled in this format.


Standard Team

Objective: Standard Team is the default team format at Lazer Gate.  It’s features are similar to Standard Solo but allows for up to 8 different teams to compete for the top spot!  Team players cannot tag their teammates (this option is available in more competitive game formats such as Standard Team Pro and Tournament Mode/
[Lazer Gate Targets used in Team Game]Targets: Targets are usually set for points, but could also be set for Power Ups depending on the situation.  Ask the Game Marshall if interested.  
[Lazer Gate Base used in Team Game]Bases:
Bases are enabled so that each player can tag each base once. Player team color/Base color does not matter in this format. 
[Lazer Gate Pick Up Pads used in Team Game]Pick Up Pads:Pick Up Pads are usually set for Power Ups.  They can be disabled for better game play at the Game Marshall’s discretion. If that happens then Targets will be set for Power Ups.
[Laser Tag]

Laser Tag and Arcade tokens! A great combination just got better!

Play laser tag and play arcade games with our Tag and Token discount bundle. Available for one, two or three game packages.

Also available with a round of Blacklight Mini Golf, so you can tag, play arcade games AND tee off on our Blacklight Mini Golf course!

Just for Members: Saturday Night Madness 

Just like Friday night’s Midnight Madness, Members (Silver or Gold Memberships) will be able to play from 8-Midnight on Saturdays for $17 per player. Availability is limited and does not include the 11:40 game (40 minute game).  Due to the 40 minute game this may require the last games be consecutive depending on your start time. At this time there is no restriction on buying the tickets, meaning you don’t have to do so at 7:30 as on Friday.  We will validate memberships at the time of purchase. Bring your Membership card if possible.  

A codename card alone is not a membership.  If you purchased the $5.00 code name card, this offer does not apply.  Membership is the Silver ($15) and Gold ($25/Birthday Party) packages only. 

[Midnight Madness]

Not to be confused with the Friday night special of the same name.

Midnight Madness games are played with the vest and phaser lights off , so each vest looks like it is deactivated. Phaser screens are active in these games. Otherwise this game is the same as Standard Solo

Color ranked solo is a variant of the Solo game. Every time a player changes rank in the game, their vest and phaser will change color to reflect their position in the list. Red packs are the highest on the list with the cooler colors being lower, purple being the lowest. This game does not use Bases.

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