Greetings true believers! Sadly the reopening plan for the state has left us weeks away from being allowed to offer a safe and fun place to escape the world for a few hours. While we understand the caution that is being taken, and the nature of our business, we are disappointed in the results of the opening plan.
We will be ready when the time comes. Sadly we just can't say when that will be. Keep checking in with our facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. We know we can provide the safety and cleanliness needed in the new COVID world. Lazer Gate Management and staff are both eager welcome everyone back, from 6 feet away of course. Till that time, Excelsior!

Laser Tag

Best Live Action laser tag!
Lazer Gate offers the best in live action laser tag in the largest multi level arena in the southcoast. Our area is the only one that tags back if you're not careful!
Black Light Mini Golf
Out of this world black light mini golf course that takes you to the farthest reaches of the galaxy and back!

Helios Pro Laser Tag

Lazer Gate runs on Helios Pro
The most advanced laser tag system yet simple enough for all ages
Three bases throughout the arena for many game types. Defend. Attack. Get points.
Targets activate randomly granting power ups and points.
Game Formats
Solo, Team, Eliminator, and so many more options.
The arena that tags back. Mines tag those that stay in one place too long.

About Lazer Gate

Check out all we have to offer
The best family entertainment center in the area
Laser Tag, Blacklight Mini Golf, Out of This World Birthday Parties and more.

Birthday Parties

Blacklight Mini Golf

Laser Tag Membership

Laser Tag
Laser Turret
Laser Turret - play from outside the arena. Tag players from the arcade
July 20, 2020
Pick Up Pads
Pick Up Pads - Power Ups and more
July 27, 2020
8 Different Teams
Choose your team color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Cyan, or Orange
August 10, 2020
Arcade for the times in between games
August 03, 2020
Laser Trap
Laser Trap
August 24, 2020
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