Laser Tag/Mini Golf Prices

All prices are per person. Games can be laser tag or blacklight mini golf.
  • 1 Game
  • $8.00
  • add 10 tokens for $2.00
  • 2 Games
  • $14.00
  • add 20 tokens for $3.00
  • 3 Games
  • $17.00
  • add 30 tokens for $5.00
  • 4 Games
  • $21.00
  • add 40 tokens for $7.00
  • All Day Pass
  • $25.00
  • add 40 tokens for $7.00
Tag & Token packages not valid with other offers/discounts.
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Of course the health of our staff and customers is our utmost concern.  As with every other company that has a storefront and interacts with customers, we have been following the Corona virus aka. COVID-19 situation and its implications. 

Using the CDC’s Best Practices we are expanding cleaning and disinfection efforts around Lazer Gate. We have always made hand sanitizer available and encourage our guests to use it as well as hand washing using our antibacterial soap for at least 20 seconds as recommended by the CDC.

Lazer Gate staff will be continuing to clean and disinfect any contact surfaces that staff and guests interact with. We understand this may slow down some of the activities or use of video games and we apologize ahead of time.  Keeping everyone, staff and guests in good health is our main concern.

What can our guests do to help?

While we will continue to do our best in every way possible, we also recommend the following of our guests:

Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after playing laser tag or mini golf, especially if you are part of a party that will be sitting down to eat after the game. Encourage your children to also wash their hands or use the hand sanitizer available in the arcade.

If your child is invited to a party and is sick on party day, keep them home. Send their regrets and not the flu.  If your child is not 24 hours without a fever (without medication helping) keep them home. No one wants their child to come home from anywhere with any type of flu. 

If there is any question as to a sick child attending, please, err on the side of caution. 

For parents who have booked parties:

Any parents who have a party scheduled, if you would like to cancel, or hopefully reschedule, we will be happy to accommodate. 

We understand the concern in wanting to stay healthy but also continue with life as normally as possible.  Our staff are committed to making that possible through continuous cleaning and disinfecting. We appreciate our guests and look forward to seeing you!

For management and all the Lazer Gate staff, stay healthy everyone, Excelsior!

Kevin O’Hara

Darren Beckler

And all of the Lazer Gate staff

Laser Tag

Laser Tag
Lazer Gate offers the best in live action laser tag in the largest multi level arena in the southcoast.

Helios Pro Laser Tag

Lazer Gate runs on Helios Pro
The most advanced laser tag system yet simple enough for all ages
Three bases throughout the arena for many game types. Defend. Attack. Get points.
Targets activate randomly granting power ups and points.
Game Formats
Solo, Team, Eliminator, and so many more options.
The arena that tags back. Mines tag those that stay in one place too long.

About Lazer Gate

Check out all we have to offer
Laser Tag, Blacklight Mini golf, Birthday Parties and more.

Birthday Parties

Blacklight Mini Golf

Laser Tag Membership

Laser Tag
Laser Turret
Laser Turret - play from outside the arena. Tag players from the arcade
July 20, 2020
Pick Up Pads
Pick Up Pads - Power Ups and more
July 27, 2020
8 Different Teams
Choose your team color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Cyan, or Orange
August 10, 2020
Arcade for the times in between games
August 03, 2020
Laser Trap
Laser Trap
August 24, 2020
Our clients
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Q: What is there for kids to do in Fall River?

Laser Tag Vest

Here is something for kids to do in Fall River,

Have Fun!

Lazer Gate is a locally owned Family Entertainment Center who’s mission is to give kids and parents something they want:  FUN .

We are open Friday-Sunday as well as holidays and during school vacations.

Here are the different ways to have a good time at Lazer Gate:

Laser Tag at Lazer Gate

Laser Tag is something that kids from 6 and up can play. Yes, even the big kids they call Mom & Dad! Laser Tag is an active game that keeps players moving to get the best score. The Lazer Gate arena is a multi level combat playfield filled with interactive devices like:

Lazer Gate's laser tag mines
Lazer Gate's laser tag targets
Lazer Gate's laser tag base
Lazer Gate's laser trap

Enough can’t be said about how different this arena is from any other arena in the area. You will need to keep moving to score well in Lazer Gate!


Even the arcade can keep kids active, from our rotating rock wall, to Jurassic Park and Jumpin Jackpot. Of course there are the more traditonal arcade games such as skee ball, air hockey, pinball and much more. Laser tag and arcade token packages are available so that when the action in the arena is done, play time moves to the arcade.Gate Golf – an 18 hole blacklight mini golf course. Start on an alien planet, journey through a Vortex and finish on a jungle world where dinosaurs still exist.

Spend the day! – An All Day Pass for laser tag is just $25 per player and there are plenty of other packages to help you and the kids have a great time without breaking the bank. This is THE location for your Stay-cation/Day-cation in Southeastern New England.

Virtual Reality Coaster Screen

Also at Lazer Gate, our Rilix Coaster! Virtual Reality Roller Coaster with over two dozen tracks covering plenty of different intensities so that everyone can find something at their speed.

Feel the movement while sitting still by using our Virtual Reality headset to experience a 360 degree view of each roller coaster “world”.

Only available at Lazer Gate – Virtual Reality Rilix Coaster!

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